Mom, listen to me!

Naptime started like any other naptime. Around 12:30 I corralled all the kids into their respective beds. I changed Seth’s diaper and laid him in bed. Two minutes later his head popped out of the door. “Biaper, Mommy” he said, holding out a clean diaper. “Oh, isn’t he cute,” I thought and told him to go back to bed. A few minutes later, it was the same thing. This time, he got a little swat and sent back to bed. Over an hour later, he was still playing in his room, making tons of noise. Elise had finished her quiet time, and Will had slept and woken up already. Seth was still playing. I went in to his room and laid down with him. He often plays for awhile before going to sleep, but usually he does fall asleep, even if it happens to be on the floor surrounded by toys. I could tell he was tired; his eyes were heavy, but he kept squirming and making noise. Finally he pats me on the arm and says “Biaper.” And that is when I realized what he had been trying to tell me the whole time. “Do you need a new diaper Seth?” He nods his head and says, “tinky” with a big smile as he suddenly realizes the word I would have recognized. So I changed his diaper and decided that next time I will try to listen a little bit better. It isn’t the first time I’ve ignored my kids words, thinking they were just randomly spouting nonsense, only to find out later they had said something of great importance and truth. Maybe one of these days, I will learn to really listen.

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