Seth turns 2.

We celebrated Seth’s birthday a little late because of Thanksgiving and illnesses. But he didn’t know the difference, and it was a really fun party. We set up several tables and fed everyone homemade lasagna and breadsticks. Instead of making a cake, I baked cupcakes and bought all sorts of different kinds of candy. Everyone decorated their own cupcake to eat. The kids, especially Seth, loved this. Seth loves candy, which he calls “dee.” He wasn’t too interested in the cupcake though. He would fill up his cupcake with candy, eat it all off, and then start over again. He did this about 3 times before I banned him from the rest of the candy.

Seth thought opening presents was fun, but a bit tedious towards the end. He’s hard to buy for since we have started to seriously limit the number of toys we buy for our kids. I had decided to buy him a hat, but after searching online for the perfect one in his size, I stumbled on a really fun etsy store called Emie Grace Creations. The crochet hats there were adorable, and they had patterns available for purchase. I purchased the Logan Puppy Hat pattern, ran to Wal-Mart to buy some cute colors of yarn, and sewed this up in a couple evenings of time and one naptime. You can see him wearing his hat in the first picture. He loves it, by the way. He wears it all the time, at home or out and about, and we get compliments on it wherever we go. I haven’t crocheted in awhile, and I found that sitting quietly counting stitches, praying, and thinking was a very refreshing change of pace for me. If you like to crochet, I would recommend the patterns from this etsy store, and if you don’t like to crochet, but have a need for an absolutely adorable little hat, then you can also buy them directly from the store already made.

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