Will's 3 year well child appointment.

Will had his 3 year well child exam today. I went in with both boys expecting to get Seth’s as well, but because of this wording on my insurance: “3 well-childs in the second year of life and after that, only one per calendar year” we were not sure if his would be covered or not since he already turned two. I even called the insurance and they took about 10 minutes to look it up and answered with “we don’t know.” So he will go after the first of the year.

But Will in order to get his full benefit needed to be before the end of the year, since I forgot in July, so we went ahead and stayed for his. He is 37 lbs and 41 1/2 inches tall. According to the doctor that puts him in the 75th percentile for weight and the 90th for height. The doctor says he is and will be tall. 🙂 Poor Elise, she probably only has a few more years of being the tallest child, since she is and will be short.

The nurse asked all the usual questions and said he is right on target in everything. The only concern we had that we specifically wanted to discuss with the doctor was Will’s habit of sucking his fingers. He sucks two fingers on this left hand upside down. At first when I mentioned him sucking his fingers the doctor said it wasn’t as big a deal as thumb sucking because the fingers wouldn’t put pressure on his upper mouth. But when I explained how he flips his hand upside down to suck them, so that they are pointed in the same direction a thumb would be, he agreed with me that yes, this could be an issue. I showed him the spots on Will’s fingers where he has what appear to be growths on his finger bones where he sucks them. “Oh, that couldn’t be from sucking his fingers,” the doctor said. But then after looking at them some more and realizing they were only on those two fingers and nowhere else, he said that yes, they could be. “I’ve never seen that before,” he said, “but then again, I’ve never seen a kid suck his fingers like that before.” I find this interesting since Seth does the exact same thing. Odd, huh? We discussed different methods to encourage him to break this habit. I’m not sure what John and I will try next, but we do have the doctor’s encouragement to continue to work on this as it does have the potential to affect his teeth (and apparently his fingers). Though the doctor said that if as I suspect the finger issue is from the sucking habit, then it will go away when he stops. But just as the teeth, the sooner the better. I think the most important thing I got from the whole discussion was that I should not make the process a negative thing, but rather focus on rewarding him for not sucking his fingers. So, I need to concentrate on finding a way to motivate him to stop on his own. Which of course fits into what other people have told me about getting rid of this habit. The child will stop, but it will have to be his choice.

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