Recent Conversations with the kids.

The pictures are from our trip to the zoo yesterday. We greatly enjoyed the non-characteristic weather and hoped many of you got outdoors as well.

Will’s imagination is continuing to grow by leaps and bounds every day. Recently I had the following conversation with him in the car:
Seth: “Mom, man!”
Me: “Did you see a snowman?”
Seth: “Uh-huh”
Will: “I saw a picky poo.”
Me: “OK”
Will: “Do you know what a picky poo is?”
Me: “No”
Will: ” It’s a kind of hippo. And I saw a hippo. It was running . . . with angels. And then the angels flew away. Then the hippo flew away with its wings.”

Here’s a conversation I had with Elise after our zoo trip. Unfortunately she is starting to display a definitive amount of gullibility. Guess she takes after me. 🙂

Elise: “Mom, Cameron knows what other people are thinking. I was thinking of the color red and she told me red.”
Me: “Elise, that is just coincidence. She doesn’t really know what you are thinking.”
Elise: “But I was thinking red, and she said red. She knew it.”
Me: “Did you do it more than once?”
Elise: “Well, we did it two times, but the other time she tried and she couldn’t do it.”

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