And it snowed and it snowed and it snowed.

One thing I actually love about Arkansas, though it might drive some people crazy, is how unpredictable the weather is. You see, I don’t really like winter. I don’t last long in the cold, and would prefer to wear shorts and bare feet than warm coats and shoes. But living here in Arkansas, we get to experience a bit of winter, but always with the reminder of spring, which thankfully tends to come early here.

In the last week, we got an example of this that I imagine has to hit some sort of record. Saturday the temperatures were in the high 60’s. Not quite warm enough for shorts, but definitely comfortable enough for short sleeves and plenty of outdoor play. And then Tuesday the huge winter storm that affected much of the US passed by here. It snowed all day Tuesday and left quite a few inches of beautiful light fluffy snow on the ground. Too bad it is too cold too enjoy playing in it as the thermometer said 9 degrees this morning. The forecast is calling for temperatures below zero over night. That hardly every happens here.

But I love to look out at the beautiful white landscape, and I don’t even mind not being able to go anywhere, mostly because I know it won’t last long. After a few days, the temperatures will be back above freezing, the snow will melt and we will be oh so much closer to spring.

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