Fun in the Snow.

This week we got to experience record-breaking snow here in Northwest Arkansas. We don’t usually get a lot of snow, for us 3 inches is a lot and if it stays more than a day on the ground, then that is considered an added bonus. So you can imagine the excitement we all felt as we watched snow fall and fall and fall, until it covered not only the ground, but cars and bushes as well. I’m not sure how much we got all together in the last three storms that have hit us. We started with a more normal amount of snow on February 1st. Then on February 4th, we got another “dusting” that turned out to be about 5 inches. Some of that had melted, but not quite all of it, when the latest storm hit on February 9th. It stuck around all day dumping a record amount of snow on Siloam Springs – 24.5 inches! Here’s three pictures of my backyard during each of those storms. You can see the difference of the last storm quite easily:

The kids have enjoyed playing in the snow several times. We don’t usually stay out long because it is so cold, but you can’t say no to playing outside in two feet of snow. It was the kind of snow I dreamed about as a kid and I am glad the kids braved the cold long enough to roll around in the almost cotton softness of the snow.

As you can imagine, this snow is going to take awhile to melt, especially since the day after it hit, we also got record low temperatures in the area. But in typical Arkansas style, the weather is changing rapidly and we are now above freezing and warming quickly. By next week we are supposed to be up to the 60’s, with rain instead of snow in the forecast. Right now the skies are blue and clear, which made for some amazing photos.

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