The sound of Heaven's angels.

Today, my grandpa went to be with his Lord. I’ve never lost a grandparent before, and even though I knew it was coming sometime soon, I hadn’t really thought about how it would affect me. Grandpa has been fighting prostrate cancer for several years now. For the first few years, he was winning. His body was still healthy and strong and he seemed to do most of the things he’d always done. But recently we’d been told that he had been weak, could hardly get out of a chair, was ready and waiting to go. I wonder if they have bicycles in heaven? If so, then that is how I see him, riding around taking the grand tour.

When Mom called this morning to tell me, I wasn’t that sad or upset. I knew it had been coming. It seemed a little distant from me as Grandpa has always lived in Indiana and I haven’t seen him since September of 2009. And then I started thinking about my Dad and how he must be feeling. And that is when the first tears threatened to fall. I know that when we lost Emma my Dad cried many tears for me, and I guess I am feeling a little of that today for him.

A little later this morning as I went about housework, I suddenly pictured the angels singing in heaven and the joy that my grandpa is experiencing now. What a wonderful thought! And then unbidden came the thought that perhaps he was holding my daughter Emma close in a hug as he is reunited with those that have gone before. And I felt great happiness for him and great sadness for myself, and if I am honest a little bit of jealousy, and again the tears threatened.

I admire and respect my grandpa greatly. I know he will be greatly missed here on earth, and I look forward to giving him another hug someday in heaven.

2 thoughts on “The sound of Heaven's angels.

  1. What a beautiful thought! I’m sure he is loving Emma and holding her until you can all be together again.
    My thoughts and prayers are with your family. Mr. Miller was a gentle quiet man and we were blessed to know him.
    Uncle Randy & Aunt Cindy


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