Easter 2011

Happy Easter! Christ the Lord is risen today. Alelujah!

This spring has felt busy and hectic, and our Easter celebration itself was partly a reflection of this, with two location changes due first to weather and then to illness. Despite the never-ending rain, we carried on our normal tradition of an Easter egg hunt. The kids didn’t mind it being inside. We gathered with family and friends, we shared good food and conversation, and played games. But I am left feeling a little like something was missing. I think I’d like to put some thought into starting some sort of new family tradition, something that truly shows the meaning of Easter to our children, and in turn keeps me focused on it as well. I’d be interested in hearing what everyone does in their house.

Here’s two of my children’s cousins – Vesper and Brennan. It is fun that our kids are not the only ones now at family celebrations.

2 thoughts on “Easter 2011

  1. We tried the Resurrection Rolls both last night and today. Leah can almost tell the story now. Everyone enjoyed it, even tho the marshmallows don’t completely disappear. We may make this a new tradition.


  2. We did the Resurrection Buns, too. See my blog post for a humorous tale about them……They were good and really helped the girls talk about the Easter story.


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