Baking Adventures Part 2

In my quest to see how many things I can make from scratch, I tried a couple more recipes from my new bread baking book: Healthy Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. This week I needed pita bread for one of our lunches. It was actually very simple to make. I used the 100% wheat bread with olive oil dough, and followed the instructions for the seed-encrusted pita. I think you could use the technique on any dough. The secret is to roll the dough out really flat, so that when it bakes it will puff up leaving an air pocket in the middle. It’s basically the same technique that I’ve been using for crackers (another recipe from this book), except the crackers are punctured with a fork first so that they don’t puff up. The crackers and pita bread were both delicious fresh. I tried making extra crackers this last time and storing them, but they tasted stale just one day later. So these are an eat right away treat, which is actually fine, because my kids absolutely love them. I didn’t make enough pitas to try storing them. You are supposed to be able to store them in an air tight container. But they are actually so quick and easy, it seems just as easy to me to roll one out and pop it in the oven if you already have the dough made. I will definitely be making them again, though I can’t say the same for my homemade onion mushroom veggie burger. I’ll think I’ll stick to vegetarian dishes that don’t try to disguise themselves as meat dishes when I am looking for a meat free meal.

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