More things I want to remember.

You know how you always think: “I’ll remember this because it’s important to me.” And then you forget. I know I think I’ll remember a lot of the fun and interesting things my kids do, but I know I won’t. I know this because I’ve seen what happens when I get together with my siblings and reminisce. “Do you remember when . . .” “Oh yes, and then there was that time that . . .” “Remember how Daddy used to . . .” We remember all sorts of things from when we were growing up. But ask my Mom any of these questions, and she often has no idea what we are talking about. And so, here are some things about my kids that I would like to remember.

1. Seth’s naptimes. Seth and Will sleep in the same room at night, but for now, they are separated for naptime. So, since Seth gets the boys room all to himself during this time, he most often chooses to sleep on Will’s bed (the top bunk) under a “house” made from a blanket. He also likes me to sing him the “cow song,” otherwise known as “Old McDonald” when I tuck him in. He’ll lie there patiently until I get to the part: “Here a moo, there a moo . . .” and then he’ll squirm around as I tickle him with each moo. This routine is expected at each bedtime now.

2. Will’s favorite song. Will recently has developed a fear of tornadoes. It happened during supper one night as our peaceful back porch picnic was interrupted by tornado sirens. Despite the fact the tornadoes never even got close to us, he has ever since been nervous about storms. It has taken some convincing to get him to realize that tornadoes are not alive, and are not out to get him. He thinks that if he is outside when a tornado is around, it will come find him and suck him up. At bedtime when he chooses a song, his go-to favorite when he is feeling scared is: “I will call up on the Lord,” his favorite line being “So shall I be saved from my enemies.” I am glad that I can use this tender time in his life to remind him of his true protector.

3. Elise’s physical achievements. I know that I am supposed to be proud of my children’s internal and spiritual progress, but there are physical, external things about them that make my mommy heart swell with pride as well. Elise has seemed to find some new talents this year. I am told by her piano teacher that she is quick to learn, and naturally talented in the art of playing the piano. I am sure she will bypass my limited skill in this area quite quickly. In gymnastics, she started out being able to do things I don’t think I’ve ever been able to do. She started at the end of January in the beginner 8 and up class. She was just a week away from turning 8, so she was one of the youngest in the class. Just over 3 months later, she has now moved up to the intermediate class. We will start that on Monday. It is so fun to see her enjoying interests that she can excel at.

4. Seth’s quiet times. No longer do I have to worry about what Seth is up to when he goes extremely quiet. Well, that’s not completely true. He still has many instances of getting into things he shouldn’t when I let him wander off, but it seems like more and more often I will begin searching for him only to find him sitting alone in his room with a pile of books, “reading” to himself. I remember when Elise used to do this. I’m so glad he has found a quiet productive activity when he needs some time away from siblings.

5. My kids favorite things. I know this may soon change, so here are some things my kids like now:
Elise – horses, books (especially about horses), listening to music, movies (especially about horses), doing cartwheels, playing the piano
Will – playing with Elise, going on bike rides, working with Dad or Pop, having books read to him, playing computer games, making crafts
Seth – reading books, Kipper, Charlie and Lola, playing make-believe with Elise and/or Will, helping Mom cook, candy, his cousin Brennan

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