Day 1 of June Challenge

Well, it is now June. I spent yesterday shopping for some more needed items for this month’s menus. I had put in my first order to Azure Standard, which is a bulk organic food website. Yesterday was the pick up day in Fayettville. So, in the morning, we headed out to the Farmer’s Market here in Siloam Springs and bought our onions, lettuce, spinach, cilantro, and asparagus for the week. Then we went to Walmart to finish our grocery list of mostly veggies and fruit. After a quick stop at Harps to buy one item that Walmart didn’t have, we headed home to unload and make lunch. After lunch, we headed out to Fayettville to pick up our flour, oats, sugar, salt and other misc items I had ordered from Azure. Since the price of gas is so high right now, we tried to fit in as many things as possible into our trip, so we ended up being out all afternoon getting books from the library and doing some misc shopping. On the way home, we swung by the Haaks house for a gallon of fresh goat’s milk. We’ve been drinking it for over a week now and everyone loves it. It’s more expensive than store bought cow’s milk, but definitely better for you.
Last night I made homemade granola and bread dough, and set out a quart of the goat’s milk to let it naturally start the process of cheese.
And so we are now ready for today. Well, sort of. Over the last few weeks we’ve been on the lookout for a rental that will allow us to have some chickens and goats in our backyard. We found one in Decatur and we will be moving July 2nd. Which means that now this whole month of June will be full of packing and sorting and painting and cleaning. So I am not sure now if I can keep up with the food challenge at the same time. I had already planned out our menu for this first week, so we’ll at least try one week and see how it goes.
We started today with homemade maple nut granola with goats milk and fresh fruit. If you use the recipe, I left out the brown sugar since it doesn’t need the extra sweetness and used olive oil instead of canola oil. My pumpkin seeds were salted because that is what I have in my pantry and I need to use them up before buying more. But otherwise the ingredients were all minimally processed. For morning snack we split a very large apple. Lunch was not entirely true to our month’s challenge because I didn’t have time to make anything so I gave the kids each leftovers from meals we had earlier this week. The meals weren’t all made with approved ingredients, but they were all healthy and they did need to be eaten. After lunch, I started our supper in the crockpot, which will be Ropa Vieja (which means “old clothes” in Spanish). I’m using a recipe from my Good Housekeeping Cookbook. It is made with sirloin steak from a grass fed farm raised cow (courtesy of my Dad), carrots, tomatoes and peppers (from Walmart), onion and garlic (from the Farmer’s Market), olive oil and cinnamon (from my pantry), and sea salt (from Azure Standard).
Once the boys were in bed for naptime, Elise and I spent a few minutes squeezing oranges and lemon and blending it with leftover pineapple (from a fresh pineapple) to make frozen popsicles for desert later.
As a side note, I got my exercise in today too. I sort of forgot that I wouldn’t have a car today until I woke up this morning. Elise has a piano lesson each Wednesday morning, so we decided we’d try to walk there. It is actually really close to where we live except that there is no crosswalk across the highway at the end of our street. So with a detour to make sure we could cross legally and safely, the whole round trip was 2.4 miles. It wasn’t what I would say was an enjoyable walk in today’s humidity, but I did feel awfully natural and healthy when I returned home drenched with sweat. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Day 1 of June Challenge

  1. yeah for popsicles! They sound yummy! and I’m excited for your move. Another farm family! Lunch sounds fabulous. Are you keeping record of all the recipes and such that you will use this month (or week)?


  2. Yes, I’m keeping a journal of my meal plan and where all the recipes were found. So if there are any that you are interested in that I don’t link to online, let me know. I guess I should also write down what I put into the recipes I make up too, like the popsicles. 🙂


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