A New Direction

Our family has been considering, pondering, and is now planning to make some big changes. We believe that God is calling us to make the step to full-time missions. What started as a little nagging thought turned into a dream, and is now very quickly becoming a reality.


The only question we have left is where. Where do we go to follow this call? What do we do? It seemed obvious to start by looking at John’s skills and the needs he can fill. After just a little bit of looking, we found that John’s skills are highly valued on the mission field, something that seems to have changed in the 10 years since we last contacted a mission agency about involvement.

In two weeks time we will be hopping a plane to go get a first hand look at two of these opportunities. The first is with TeachBeyond in Kandern, Germany. TeachBeyond uses education to support missionary efforts around the world, and to reach traditionally-inacccesible populations with the gospel. They are looking for someone with both the technical skills and vision to tell their story through design, video and websites. The second is with Avant Ministries in Spain, where John could help with web and video work in an established team that is using the internet in evangelism and discipleship. This will be his second exposure to Avant’s work in Spain, as he was on a university missions trip there ten years ago.

Please pray for us as we take this trip, that in our first hand explorations we would be able to determine if one of these opportunities is a good fit for our family. Please pray for safety and health and energy so that we can get the most out of our time. Also please pray for both these ministries as they devote a little bit of their time to help us explore their world.

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