Heading forward.

I’m really sorry this post is so late in coming.  After getting back from our trip, we found ourselves in a whirlwind of activity, not least of which involved finishing up the application process with TeachBeyond.  I am thrilled to announce that we are now officially missionary candidates with TeachBeyond!

Our vision trip to Europe provided us with the clarity we were searching for.  I was so thankful that God made his plan for us clear, so that we came back knowing what our next steps were.  We are excited about what our roles will be in the ministry of TeachBeyond in Kandern, Germany, and we are also confident that our family will fit well into the lifestyle of Southwest Germany.


After our official acceptance, we enrolled in an online training class given by Kingdom Come Training.  This class was three weeks long and was excellent in preparing our minds and hearts for the next step in our ministry – partnership development.  It is obvious that we can’t follow God’s leading and head to Germany on our own.  And though God could obviously choose to miraculously provide the funds needed for us to go, he chooses instead to work through his people.  It’s not really about finances.  Sure, we need money in order to go, but the physical act of giving to the work of God brings blessings and growth to those who give.  The fact that we will be partnering with others in this work means we aren’t “going it alone” and have a base of emotional and prayer support as well as financial.  And above all, God is glorified.

We graduated from our class this last week and had our first partnership meetings this weekend.  We look forward to getting together with many of you in the future to share our vision and goals and invite you to partner with us financially on this adventure.

Our goal is to be ready and able to go by mid to late summer this year.  Please pray with us as we move forward.  A lot of things have to fall into place before we can go, and we know it will be all up to God to make those things happen.

One thought on “Heading forward.

  1. I will be praying for you. I know God will transition everything seamlessly for you and he will gaurd you and your kids while you are away. How exciting!


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