Home-made Graham Crackers

Since the temperature decided to graciously drop below 100 degrees this month and we started school again, it feels a little bit like fall. Not completely, but a little. Since many of the trees weren’t able to survive the heat and drought with green leaves, it looks a little like fall too.

I was hit with a cooking mood last week. I had recently stumbled across a recipe for graham crackers from Smitten Kitchen. Since I’ve wanted to try making graham crackers from scratch for quite some time, I decided to give it a try.

In case you decide to try the recipe, I did make a few changes to make these fit with what I had on hand already. I used 100% whole wheat flour rather than white flour. To me, part of the draw of graham crackers is the hearty whole wheat taste, plus it is just a whole lot better for you. By the way, if you haven’t been a fan of whole wheat flour I would suggest making sure you buy good quality. I ran out of my huge bag of Azure whole wheat organic unifine flour and thought I could replace it for a few days with stuff bought from Walmart. The amazing difference in the fineness of the grind makes a huge difference. The flour from Walmart seems heavy and coarse after using the finer ground flour. Thankfully I have a new bag of Azure flour in my freezer now.

The brown sugar I have on hand is light brown muscovado sugar, so that is what I used. I was able to use my chilled butter without actually freezing it. I don’t have a food processor so when I mix butter into flour I do it by hand, and when I say hand, I actually mean “by hand.” It seemed to work fine for this recipe. If you have a machine to help you with this, by all means use it.

I used our local honey from the Farmers Market and our full fat raw cow’s milk. I didn’t do the cinnamon sugar topping, mostly because I forgot. But they didn’t really need that.

Besides being a little time consuming, they were pretty easy to do. The trickiest part for me was figuring out how long to cook them for. I’m not used to my new oven yet, and it seems to be a bit on the hot side. The first batch came out delicious, but not as crunchy as a graham cracker usually is. The second batch ended up getting a bit scorched on the bottom, but having a delicious crunch. There was one pan that ended up perfect, but I’d have to do some playing around with it and lots of checking to repeat the results. Either way, they were delicious and very hard to stop eating.

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