Our Family is Growing.

We discovered just a few weeks ago that God apparently thinks we need a larger family. This little life, which according to the internet is just barely larger than a lentil right now, was such a surprise. I know though, that he/she will hold a special place in our family.

Elise was one of the first people we told, and she was thrilled! I can’t even begin to describe in words how thrilled she was, you will just have to believe me when I say I have rarely seen her so excited. She is not so secretly hoping for a little sister, but she claims that she will be satisfied with a brother if that is what it is.

The boys actually took a little longer to figure it out. They were there when we first announced it to my family, but apparently weren’t really paying attention. They were also there while I discussed details and plans for clothes and things with John’s family over lunch. They were still not paying attention. Finally I brought it up directly with them and they also were pretty excited. Especially Seth, who said: “I love babies to pet!” Yes, he is a little weird.

My due date is in mid-June. I’ll be getting to see my midwife, the one I had for both my girls, until we leave for Germany. I’ve got a whole new set of vocabulary words to learn in German, but hopefully I’ll be able to find a midwife who can also communicate to me in English, because I think that would be helpful.

Please pray for safety during this pregnancy for both the baby and me, and also pray for my emotional health. As most of you know, postpartum depression has been an issue for me, and I was already concerned about the emotional upheaval of adjusting to a new culture. Now with the added pregnancy hormones and stress of preparing for a new baby, it is possible that I will struggle even before the baby comes. Pray that even now as I deal with the anxiety of this change of plans, that I will be able to take hold of the peace that Jesus offers.

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