Big Boy.

Recently Seth and I had a conversation about the baby. He stated that he would like to be a baby again. When I asked why, he said it was so that he could crawl. I assured him that he could still crawl now if he wanted to, but it was much more fun to be a big brother so that he could teach the baby how to do things.

He must have spent a little time pondering this idea, because later that morning he came rushing back into my bedroom with his squiggles, proclaiming that he was now ready to be a big boy and he was coming to throw away his squiggles. To top it all off he also announced he would be keeping his diaper dry at night as well. For those that don’t know what “squiggles” is, it is a fabric and mirror toy that hung on his crib when he was a baby. It has little squiggly tails that come out of one side and he became attached to those when he was still quite small. He has had it ever since and it makes going to sleep much easier for him, though it also means he sucks his fingers while he is holding it.

He then threw the squiggles in the trash and even kept to his decision when John explained he couldn’t come get it back out later (which he admitted he had been planning on). He struggled a bit going to sleep that night, but hasn’t asked for it since then. Naptimes have been a bit less predictable as without his squiggles and the comfort of his fingers he either takes forever to drop off to sleep or doesn’t at all. But he is almost 4, so I guess naptimes are not essential every day (they are probably more for me than for him anyway).

As for the dry diapers, it took him a few days, but the last two mornings he’s hopped out of bed first thing to show me his diaper is dry and hurries to the bathroom. Hopefully this will last as well.

So, if you see my big boy around, you should be sure to congratulate him on how big he’s getting. And try not to notice that his pants are on backwards (he claims he likes them better that way, and since he’s dressing himself I can’t really complain).

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