“How many days is it now?” We hear that a lot in our house as the kids count down to a holiday or a special occasion. Lately it has been Seth asking how soon his 4 year old birthday party will be. Will occasionally asks me how many days it is until something that hasn’t even been scheduled yet. He seems frustrated when I can’t give him an answer.

Waiting for something planned or a holiday can be deliciously fun. The anticipation is exciting as you watch the days get closer to the long-awaited event. But just like Will I get frustrated when the thing I’m waiting for is on an unknown timeline. Then it is hard to wait.

That’s what it has been like to wait for our departure for Germany. Despite the many things that make it hard to leave, both John and I are anxious and ready to begin our new life. But the timing is not up to us. We can plan, we can pray, and we can ask. But sometimes it feels like mostly we wait.

I have no doubt this is a good thing. God has been teaching us many things this year. Sometimes I think it takes us a long time to learn them. It is hard to let go of any control we think we have and lean on God’s provision. But we are trying. It is hard to wait, but learning to anticipate and hope for something even when we don’t know how long it will take is well worth the effort.

2 thoughts on “Waiting.

  1. Amen! We have been working at fundraising for a year now and still at 15 percent! God knows what He is doing but sometimes it’s hard to remember that. Praying for you on this journey!


  2. Thanks Jesi,
    We will remember to pray for you as well. God can do amazing things and his timeline can sometimes amaze us. It is hard to remember, but I know that God will have us both there when he wants us there.


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