AdventblogThe season of advent began yesterday. I’ve spent many years not really paying much attention to this season other than to start worrying about Christmas plans and gifts and things. But last year we decided to try to be more intentional about marking this season for our kids and for us.

Advent is about waiting. Not just waiting in anticipation for Christmas, but something much deeper than that. It’s about learning to live in a time of waiting, because that is what our Christian life is about. In reading the Bible you can see that people are always waiting for something. They were waiting for God to rescue them, or waiting for a land of their own, or waiting for the Messiah, or waiting for Jesus to return. If we are always waiting for something, shouldn’t we be learning how to live righteously (or rightly) while waiting? Because, I don’t think waiting is completely about the thing you are waiting for, but also about what is happening to you as you wait. Waiting can bring brokenness, hurt, and heartache, but those things often cause growth. And so I believe in our waiting there is beauty.

I went to a women’s retreat several weeks ago where we talked about the different seasons of our life and how there is a time for each one of them. As we discussed the “winter-like” seasons of our life like grief, waiting, sadness, etc, I began to wonder if we should spend more time looking for beauty in those seasons. Because even in winter there is beauty. Granted you might have to look harder for it, especially in Arkansas where we don’t get blanketed with snow very often. But I am quite certain that there is still beauty out there and that it is worth looking for.

And so, I have challenged myself this Advent to be intentional about finding that beauty, both in the physical world around me and in my own life in my different seasons of waiting. My hope is that this exercise will help me to become better at living fully now, and not always longing for what is to come. So, keep an eye out for more blogs to come as I share with you what I find.

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