Epiphany – Beauty in ourselves.

So, despite my best intentions, the rush to get Christmas presents completed overwhelmed my desire to keep up with the blog during the advent season. But even though I wasn’t writing about it, I did still notice beautiful things in my day. And it surprised me how many of those things had to do with people. But I guess that shouldn’t really be surprising at all.

imageAnd during my advent and Christmas days I realized that I shouldn’t just be watching for the beautiful, but I should also be beautiful to those around me. This concept first tickled its way into my brain during prayers in the church service one Sunday morning. The prayer was comparing ourselves to Mary. Mary was the bearer of the Christ child to the world, and in the same way, we also are supposed to be bearers of Christ to the world. For some reason, this phrasing really stuck with me as I had never compared myself to Mary in this way.

After the service in Sunday School we were discussing the “Magnificat,” which is the prayer or song that Mary sung after the angel visits her with the news that she will be the mother of the Messiah. As we discussed what it means to magnify the Lord, I realized that it all ties together. Just as a magnifying glass helps us see things more clearly, I should be helping others to see Jesus better. Do those who are close to me get a better view of Jesus or are they just more confused? Am I bearing Jesus to the world, to the whole world, everyone that I come in contact with?

Epiphany is when the church commemorates the revelation of Jesus Christ to the Gentiles, beginning with the magi. Not only am I supposed to magnify Christ to those around me who are like me and agree with me, but I also should be a representation of him to everyone, no matter their background, culture, nationality, or beliefs. And this is not necessarily about what I say I believe, but more importantly about who I am.

And so, my challenge to myself and to you, is to be the bearer of Christ to the world, every single person you come in contact with. In that way you will be beautiful.

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