6 Week Countdown.

appleblossomsIn the last couple of weeks lots of things have fallen into place for our move to Alexandria. I got a job! And it’s my dream job. I’ll be working at a brand new shop in Old Town Alexandria called Stitch Sew Shop. And I’ll be starting at the beginning of June! Yikes!

Because I was asked to arrive early summer for my job, we needed to find temporary housing over the summer as the seminary housing will not be available until August 1. Thankfully we found another seminary family that is leaving for the summer and offered their apartment for subletting. So, for two months we’ll be cramming into a two bedroom townhouse. It is right beside the long system of trails that runs along the water though, so I imagine there will be lots of walks and bike rides in our future.

Over the summer John will be primary caregiver for the kids while I’m at work. I’ll be starting at about 30 hours a week. He hopes to use some of the morning hours before I go to work to write and finish up any freelance jobs he still has. On my days off we will hopefully find time to explore the area and take advantage of John’s slow schedule, since it will be the last summer in a while that he will have this much time.

The advantages of moving early to the area means that we can hopefully start to find a rhythm to our life before John and the kids start school. We can learn what things we like to do in the area for outings. This transition is a huge change for us. For the first time in our married life I will be the one going to work. But that doesn’t mean John will be home all the time as he will also be going to school full-time. So it means finding a pattern to life that still protects our family relationships. Pray for us as we navigate this new stage of life. Pray for the kids that they will transition well. Pray for me as I learn what it is like to spend a good portion of my week at work and figure out the balance of work and household and family. Pray for John that he will find healthy ways to study, learn and grow in the midst of also taking charge of more of the home responsibilities. We are excited about the upcoming changes, but also realize that there is a lot of adjustment that will be happening and it won’t always be comfortable or easy.

We don’t have an exact date yet, but we plan to begin our 2 day journey to Alexandria sometime between May 28 and May 30. The next 6 weeks will be full of good-byes, getting rid of things, and packing. I’m sure there will also be the full range of emotions running through our house every day. Through the tears, anxiety, and excitement we hope to finish our time here well and begin a new chapter with energy and strength.

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