Update on life with three kids.

Well, things are going well.  I know it will be a long time before I am used to being mom to 3 kids.  I imagine not much will be done in a day for quite some time.

Thanks for all your prayers for the post partum depression.  I am feeling pretty close to normal since yesterday.  The only anxiety I have now is from being a bit overwhelmed with life and responsibilities, but that is a normal anxiety, not at all the unexplainable nervousness I was feeling on Wednesday.  So, it looks like starting the anti-depressants right after birth cut down my transition time to just about 24 hours of real hard emotional adjustment.  Of course, I thank God for answered prayers in this as well.  He is good!

Physically I am doing better.  Yesterday I ended the day in a lot of pain, but it is not quite so bad today, so hopefully I am improving.  I do not feel as weak today either, though it will be quite some time before I am feeling as strong as I was before giving birth.

Seth is doing excellent.  My milk came in yesterday and already I see some improvement in his skin color.  He is still a bit yellow, but I think we are past the worst part.  He is sleeping better too.  We have decided the gassiness his first night home must have had to do with some garlic I had that day, so needless to say I will be staying away from that for now.  Our goal now with him is getting him to sleep somewhere other than our bed at night.  It is handy to have him right there as he nurses every two hours at night, but it is harder for me to sleep as I feel cramped with him next to me.  I also don’t feel that he is as safe in our bed.  So, we’ll start training him to sleep outside our bed.

The older kids came home last night after our Thanksgiving celebrations.  This morning was a new experience with getting 3 kids dressed and fed with a minimum of tears and injuries.  I am glad that Elise and Will have done so well with sleeping in the same room though.  This morning I heard them both singing to each other in their beds while they waited for someone to come get Will out of his crib.  Elise loves her new little brother “Teth” as well and asks to hold him as often as possible.  Will seems to like him to, though he can’t quite figure out what he is good for or how to interact with him.  Will seems to have grown so big in just the few days he was gone.  I know he didn’t change that much, but having a little one to compare him to, makes him seem huge and such a big boy.
For the next few days we will be living life at a minimum as I continue to heal and we adjust to a new normal.  I’m looking forward to showing off Seth to many of you on Sunday.  Thanks for your prayers.

One thought on “Update on life with three kids.

  1. Congratulations, Lein family, on the safe arrival of little Seth. We are thrilled he’s here! May God give all of you mental, physical and emotional strength and health as you nurture this special blessing. Our prayers are with you at all times.


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