Button Up Shirts

So just a little bit of bragging here. I wanted to post some more pictures of the boys button up shirts I did for Easter. I have done these for Baby Vardo and am enjoying being able to make my boys their dress shirts now. I figured out one change in the pattern this last time too that ended up making a much better fit on the chest/neck. Will’s shirt is the one I changed. Seth’s was still OK, but I think I will change all those smaller patterns slightly as well to create a little more room in that area. Oh, I made Elise’s dress as well. It was the practice run of her flower girl dress for the wedding. I decided I might as well finish it up and get some use out of it.

Unfortunately, a crayon somehow made it into the wash with the boys’ shirts today and now I think at least Will’s shirt might be ruined as it seemed to have taken the brunt of the crayon’s attack. So, I’ll be pulling out one of the other fabric prints I specifically bought for him and sewing it up a bit quicker than I had expected.

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